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Columbia Gorge Wineries Near Our Portland Motel

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are lucky to have so many opportunities to celebrate nature’s bounty. One of the big things we’re known for throughout the world is the exquisite wine that is produced in the Columbia Gorge region of Oregon.

Our inexpensive Portland motel is just an hour’s drive from the Columbia Gorge wineries and the town of Hood River where you will find many of these wonderful establishments in operation year-round. Affectionately known as “A World of Wine in 40 Miles” the region is home to the perfect combination of geology, soil and climate type to produce a long list of grape varietals that are the rare gems needed to produce the renowned wines of the Columbia Gorge region.

There are over 30 Columbia Gorge wineries to choose from and most offer tours, along with a cozy tasting room to sit and relax in while you enjoy the scenery. The towns in and around the region also feature restaurants, shops, and a host of fun activities to experience on your journey. If you are traveling from our Portland motel, the highways along the Columbia Gorge feature no shortage of outdoor excursions and hikes to enjoy as a stopover on the way to the wineries as well. If you would like more information on planning your winery tour, you can visit http://www.columbiagorgewine.com/ for good advice on the region, and where to begin your adventure.

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