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Nordic Inn & Suites quality queen room in Portland, Oregon.

4 Tips To Find The Best PDX Motel

When traveling, finding a place to stay that will ensure you have a great experience, but not break the bank can be a challenge. Motels are a great option if you want to find a place that will fit a tight budget and meet the accommodations you need. But how do you find a quality motel? Here are some tips on what to look for:

Skip the Franchise, Go for Family-Owned

If finding a budget-friendly motel is a priority for you, then look at family-owned motels. In general, it is about $10-$25 less to stay at a family-owned motel than it is to stay at a franchise. Motels that are part of a corporation need to pay the company fees to keep their national marketing and branding. Family-owned motels don’t have these mandatory fees and can keep their prices lower, but still offer the best quality experience.

Look At The Motel Rooms First

Most motel owners will post professional photos on their websites and sites like TripAdvisor. These photos may look nice, but don’t forget to look at the actual photos posted by guests. A professional photo shoot can hide details or add filters and lighting to make a room look better than it is. Guests’ photos are a great way to get a genuine feel for a place before you book a room.

Check Out What Is Nearby

Most motels will have a webpage listing nearby restaurants and attractions. This webpage will be handy if you or someone you are traveling with has any food restrictions. Using Google Maps, you can see how long it takes to get to the motel from the airport as well as know the motel’s surrounding area. Look into the places you are interested in visiting and see how long it will take to get from the motel. If you are not planning on renting a car, then see where the closest public transportation is and what the average cost is for a taxi or uber ride would be. 

Don’t Forget The Reviews

Looking at reviews is a crucial part of planning any trip. Read the testimonials that the motel has posted on their website, and check out TripAdvisor’s reviews if they have an account. Also, don’t forget to look at Google Reviews if they have any too. Read as many reviews as you can to get a feel for how accommodating the motel is and how clean it is. 

Nordic Inn & Suites, One of the Best Motels Near Portland, Oregon

Nordic Inn & Suites is a family-owned and operated motel near Portland Oregon’s International Airport. We pride ourselves on offering top quality services to all our guests. Every one of our hypoallergenic rooms offers our world-class bedding. Located near Sandy Blvd and close to downtown Portland, it is easy to travel from our facility to most places in Portland. Visit our TripAdvisor page to see what our guests have said about staying with us and the photos they have posted.

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