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How To Find The Best Motel In Portland For A Flight Layover

With the new year coming up, you may be planning your next trip and find that you are going to need to find a place to stay for a layover. Airports are usually a commonplace for hotels and motels to collect around, making it challenging to choose which to stay in for your one night. 


Things to Look for When Deciding On a Motel in Portland Near the Airport

Here are three essential things to help you narrow down your search.

Close to Airport with Easy Access


If your layover is less than 24 hours, you will most likely want to stay as close to the airport as possible. You don’t want to book a hotel in the middle of the city only to find that the morning traffic is worse than expected and you are late for your flight or miss it altogether. Staying close to the airport ensures you can get back quickly, and you may be able to get a few extra minutes of rest before continuing your journey. For budget reasons, you may want to find a hotel that is close to help keep the cost of transportation down. Finding a hotel that offers a shuttle to their guests or is close enough that a taxi ride is cheap, will help keep your one night cheap. 


Has Food Options


Traveling on an empty stomach does not always lead to the most enjoyable trip. Sometimes, planes will come in late, and the airport restaurants may have already closed when you arrive. Or maybe your layover will span over two meals, and you need to spend one of them outside the airport. It’s a good idea to check out what restaurants are around the area you are looking to stay at before booking a room to make sure you have a backup plan should you need it.


Is Clean and Comfortable


Planes are not always the best places to get rest; that’s why it’s crucial to find a place to stay the night that is clean and comfortable. Sleep is essential for a business trip and for vacation. Make sure to check out the reviews to help you choose the right lodging. You will want to find reviews that talk about these central aspects of the motel:

  • Overall room cleanliness
  • Bed and linens
  • Noise levels
  • Customer service


Nordic Inn & Suites: One of the Best Motels Near PDX Airport

If you are planning a layover in Portland, Oregon, and not sure where to stay, check out Nordic Inn & Suites, one of the most budget-friendly motels in Portland with outstanding accommodations. Our motel is near Portland International Airport and easy to get to and from the terminals.


Along with ease of access to the airport, we have plenty of restaurants close by, check out our nearby restaurant page. We take pride in providing the highest quality of service and making sure our rooms are spotless. All our rooms have world-class linens and bedding that are clean, comfortable, and hypoallergenic. Check out what people have said about Portland Nordic Inn & Suites.


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