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Portland is a great American city with a great American airport. In fact, Portland International Airport repeatedly tops the list of the best airports in the country. PDX patrons praise everything from the airport's unique teal carpeting to the live music and reasonable food prices. But while the airport is fun, visitors deserve a hotel that's just as good. That's where Portland Nordic Inn and Suites comes in. It's close to the airport, but it's also close to some of the best attractions in Portland. Keep reading to find out why Nordic Inn and Suites is the best hotel in Portland, Oregon.

A recent industry study found that the demand for extended stay motel rooms rose over 6% in the past year. There are many reasons you might need a weekly room in Portland: -You're new to the area and are still looking for the right housing option -Your job has brought you to Portland -You're on vacation and based out of Portland for a while While a variety of reasons might bring you to look for a weekly motel, one thing is certain: it’s got to be cheap enough to make an extended stay practical but high enough quality to be comfortable.

Need a place to stay near Portland International Airport? Maybe you’re traveling to Portland for business.  Or, perhaps your family’s flight got canceled and you need a last-minute place to spend the night. Whatever the circumstance, at Portland Nordic Inn & Suites we have a room to meet your needs. A queen bed will set you back just $80 a night. We’re confident this is one of the cheapest rates you’ll find close to PDX—or anywhere in Portland for that matter. We’re not afraid to brag about offering cheap prices, as it’s just one of the advantages of being a family-owned business. Here you pay for the room, not a brand name on the sign!

Portland is a beautiful place to visit whether you're there for business or pleasure. With a wide variety of attractions and a friendly community, the city has a lot to offer no matter how long you plan to stay. When you're planning your trip, you need to make sure the Portland motel you choose adds to the great memories you're going to be making. That's why you should choose the Nordic Inn & Suites in Portland for your next trip. It provides the comfort of home while you're away with lots of great amenities added in.

Air travel is stressful—no matter how many hours in the air you have under your belt. In fact, The Telegraph named “getting to the airport” the second most stressful part of flying in their “20 Reasons Why Air Travel Is So Stressful” article. Portland’s increasing population puts more drivers on the road each year, often bringing traffic on major throughways to a halt during rush hour—and coincidentally, just when you need to get to the airport. Inclement weather can also slow your journey to and from the Portland Airport, or worse! You can easily avoid these travel stresses by staying at Nordic Inn & Suites, one of the best-valued motels near Portland Airport.

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