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Stay in One of the Cheapest Motels Near PDX

Need a place to stay near Portland International Airport? Maybe you’re traveling to Portland for business.  Or, perhaps your family’s flight got canceled and you need a last-minute place to spend the night. Whatever the circumstance, at Portland Nordic Inn & Suites we have a room to meet your needs.

A queen bed will set you back just $80 a night. We’re confident this is one of the cheapest rates you’ll find close to PDX—or anywhere in Portland for that matter. We’re not afraid to brag about offering cheap prices, as it’s just one of the advantages of being a family-owned business. Here you pay for the room, not a brand name on the sign!

Our friendly staff and 24-hour front desk will be ready and waiting to check you in. You’ll find our secure, well-lit parking lot makes it easy to arrive at any hour.


portland 1948152 1280

Portland Nordic Inn & Suites one of the Cheapest Motel Near PDX

Unlike some motels that offer cheap prices by compromising on location, we’re just a few minutes’ drive from PDX. We want to help you avoid getting caught in traffic driving to a hotel on the other side of town.

Unfortunately, Portland rush hour traffic is 10th worst in the nation. And even though the airport is close to Interstate 205, traffic on the 205 can sometimes grind to a halt. The good news is that you can get to Portland Nordic Inn & Suites from PDX without venturing onto the Interstate at all, which means more relaxing in your room and less stressing in traffic.

The convenience of staying within 4 miles of the airport doesn’t mean making sacrifices. We believe in customer satisfaction through affordable rates and comfortable, high-quality rooms. Search our name and you’ll find thousands of five-star reviews on travel sites.

In fact, we’ve received so many high marks that Trip Advisor inducted us into the Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame! We have to brag a little because we’re proud to offer such great quality at an affordable price – especially in an area where hotels often take advantage of the high lodging demand near the airport by marking up prices. 


Cheap Motel near PDX with Excellent Rooms & Amenities

When we say quality, we mean it. All the rooms at Portland Nordic Inn & Suites have been recently updated. You can lean back on memory foam pillows and enjoy watching a flat screen HD TV. If you still have some work to do, complimentary WIFI makes it easy to get connected.

If you need an extended stay, or if you’re traveling with the whole family and the in-laws, an inexpensive upgrade to a suite will provide a kitchenette with stove, refrigerator, and microwave.  

All our rooms include a microwave and refrigerator, in fact, to hopefully make being away from home a bit easier. You can also look forward to free gourmet coffee in the morning to get your day started. With our cheap prices and included amenities, we hope you might have a little extra to go out and explore the best of the area.


5 Places to Visit before Leaving Portland

Our motel is close to PDX, but there’s so much more of Portland that is begging to be explored. Staying here Nordic Inn & Suites unlocks the opportunity for quite an adventure. Our afforadable rates mean more cash for your time out on the town. Wouldn’t you rather spend your travel budget on brunch and shopping? Or maybe visiting famous museums or concert halls?

Portland offers a little something for everyone – great shopping, great food, great art, and beautiful nature. Here are a few destinations that are enjoyed by visitors and locals alike:

1. Alberta Street

The street and the surrounding neighborhoods are known as an arts district, and there’s also a great mix of fine dining and street food. A less-than 15-minute drive will take you to this great area to walk around and spend an evening.



The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is world renowned and a great place to take kids—or just embrace that inner curiosity with displays and hands-on exhibits.

3. The Grotto

For the religiously inclined, the Catholic outdoor sanctuary offers a spiritual retreat. For everyone, the 62 acres of gardens and trails make for a peaceful and beautiful excursion. As a bonus, it’s only 2 miles from our location.


4. Portland Art Museum

 Go get cultured and see art from all around the world, as well as the Pacific Northwest. Remember to check for the regular visiting exhibitions that come through.  

5. Pearl District

 This downtown neighborhood has a bit of everything, from food to shopping to nightlife. Get ready to have the full Portland experience.


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