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Five Stereotypes About Inexpensive Hotels That Aren’t Always True

Inexpensive hotels are some of the best-kept secrets. Many people overlook these when planning a vacation because of these common stereotypes.

The un-maintained stereotype. The biggest and most common stereotype is that the room is not cleaned or maintained. When you think of motels, you may picture unkempt rooms that receive little attention. Today, inexpensive hotels meet high hygiene standards higher than some larger chains, which means it’s time to think of these hotels when your traveling.

These hotels aren’t in the best locations. People assume they want to be as close to attractions as possible on their stay. In fact, those hotels that are in slightly less popular areas may make driving to attractions easier. A lot of times you’ll benefit from less traffic and great parking at an inexpensive hotel. This means you can bring your own car along and explore the nearby area with less headache.

They don’t have other amenities. Things like breakfast, kitchenette, and swimming pools. Actually, what people don’t always think about is inexpensive hotels have these amenities and more. Each room in Nordic Inn and Suites has been recently updated to include ultra-fine bed linens, memory foam pillows, and plush, designer bedding. These updates place our affordable rooms on-par with much more expensive hotels, all within our allergy-friendly, pet-free premises.

It’s better to book online than by phone. Many people assume you get a cheaper rate booking online and for some larger chains you might. With an inexpensive hotel, you can call the hotel directly and ask it to beat the offer. The hotel has more flexibility over the phone because the transaction isn’t public. And remember that the room rate is just part of the package. Hotels often have more flexibility with inclusions like parking, internet, breakfast and upgrades.

The stereotype that certain nights of the week are more expensive than others. Inexpensive hotels mostly set rates on inventory-based algorithms and it doesn’t matter if it’s Wednesday or Friday. If the beds are filling up, the rates are going up. And there are thousands of conventions and events spanning any week, almost all of which you are totally unaware of. Just because it’s Wednesday doesn’t mean a large convention isn’t in town.

The world of hotels and travel is full of misconceptions. While your average inexpensive hotel may not provide the luxury you’re seeking from a large hotel chain, it can still provide you with the amenities you need for an enjoyable stay. All of this comes at a cost-friendly price, allowing you to save your budget on other areas of your trip.

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