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5 Reasons to Stay in Independent Motels in Portland Oregon

Are you searching for the right accommodation in Portland? Consider staying in an independent motel. Independent motels in Portland, Oregon often sit in central locations, offer high-quality amenities, and personal service for less than what you would pay at a chain motel or hotel. Plus, when you stay at an independent motel, your dollar goes directly into the local economy.



1. Affordable


With the average daily rate of hotels in Portland, Oregon nearly pushing $200 per night, motels are a much more affordable option. Clean, comfortable and safe motels will cost about half of what you would spend at a hotel. Nordic Inn and Suite, a family owned motel in NE Portland offers rooms that start at $80.


2. Support family-owned Portland motels


From major cities to rural communities, small businesses are the backbone of local economies. Mom-and-pop shops, small manufacturers or the local diner are not just key to growth, but a part of the country’s social fabric. Unlike many of the major hotels and chain motels in the city, a lot of motels in Portland, Oregon are independent establishments owned by hard-working families who want to make sure you enjoy your stay in the City of Roses. Next time you find yourself looking for accommodation in the city, consider booking a room with an independent, family-owned motel.


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3. Prime locations


You don’t have to book a room at the Hilton to stay in a convenient part of the city. Portland is home to many eclectic neighborhoods that fan out of the downtown area. Each neighborhood is unique and offers shopping, entertainment and accommodation options. Best of all, a public transportation system made of up buses, streetcars, and a light rail system connects the neighborhoods together. Most independent motels in Portland, Oregon exist in these neighborhoods.


Nordic Inn and Suites is conveniently located in the Parkrose neighborhood near the airport and on a major boulevard that takes you directly into downtown Portland within minutes. If you’re planning on visiting the Columbia Gorge while you stay in the city, Nordic Inn is a 2-minute drive from I-84, which takes you directly to some of the most beautiful waterfalls and hikes in the state.


4. Quality amenities available at motels in Portland, Oregon


With a little digging, you can find motels in Portland, Oregon that offer high-quality amenities without hotel or motel chain prices. When you’re looking for accommodation, be sure to check if the motel offers:

Recently updated rooms and facilities

Allergy-friendly bedding

Cable tv with premium HD channels



Hair dryers

Free gourmet coffee


5. Better Service


The front desk staff at independent motels are often also the owners. They have a vested and personal interest in you enjoying your stay and coming back. As small business owners, they will have intimate knowledge of the surrounding areas and will be able to make excellent recommendations for things to do, see, eat, and buy in Portland, Oregon.


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