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6 Reasons to Choose Nordic Inn & Suites Over Airbnb

1. Consistency

There are so many variables on the road—but travelers can take comfort in knowing exactly what to expect when they walk into the Nordic Inn & Suites. From cleanliness to room size to service to quality, there are no surprises in the most affordable accommodations in Portland.

2. Safety

Security measures vary widely among online rentals, and there have been horror stories of guests being harassed by hosts with hidden agendas—or even with hidden cameras in the bookcase. Nordic Inn & Suites, on the other hand, have trained staff, surveillance systems, security guards, emergency response plans, and connections with local law enforcement to help keep you safe.

3. Service

TV not working? Forgot your hair dryer or the plug for your iPhone? Have a terrible toothache? Did you lose your key or lock yourself out of the room? When you’re staying with Nordic Inn & Suites, any issue can be solved with a call to the concierge—who can also book your transportation, dinner, concert, or theater reservations.

4. Expertise

Nobody knows Portland like the staff at a hotel. They live, work and make up the framework of this city. Whether it’s little known restaurants, activities, or neighborhoods, you can trust the staff at Nordic Inn & Suites.

5. Reliable Reservation Process

Nordic Inn & Suites reservations are immediate and binding, especially when you book through our site. Some Airbnb bookings are automatic but most still require sending a request to the owner, receiving approval, and then booking the property. There have been a very small percentage of Airbnb reviews where the reservation was made far in advance but canceled by the owner within a month of the check-in date.

6. Keeping Money in the Community

The way that Airbnb and others make money is by taking a small percentage of the booking fee and funneling that back to a small group of people, mostly investors. Uber ran at a loss of $5 billion last year but used venture funds and investment capital to artificially deflate the cost of each uber ride. Their goal, like Airbnb, is not to offer the cheapest alternative, it is to undercut the competition using money from the finance sector. It’s a small act, but it means a lot to communities when you use their services.

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