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Cheap Hotel, Cheap Gear, Cheap Food: 5 Ways to Ski Oregon on a Budget

1. Travel with friends

One of the best ways to save money is to split expenses with friends. This way you get to share the cost of lodging, transportation, and even food. Remember that college roommate who skied all winter but you haven’t heard from in years? Reach out! Not only will you save money, but it will be a fun chance to catch up. Save money together, even if you go separate ways down the peak.

2. Beg, borrow, and steal gear

Of course, I’m not being literal about the “steal” bit, that’s my code for raid used gear shops. You can also score deals at local rental shops and on sites like GetOutfitted. Do this in advance because many of them give better deals online than in person. Look all over town as well, because the lowest prices may be just off the hill.

Don’t forget to ask friends if they have gear and clothes you could borrow as well, especially if they are local. I suggest acquiring skis and poles after you arrive if you are flying commercial to avoid checked baggage fees.

3. Cook your own food and pack snacks

Stay fueled during the day by stuffing your pack with snacks and perhaps a lunch. This will save you from paying for the convenience of on-mountain meals. If you do plan to eat out, search for “Cheap Eats” on Yelp. It works!

Of course, splurging on a good meal is sometimes part of the vacation experience. But that doesn’t mean you have to be eating your whole paycheck every night. Try swinging by the local grocery store to stock up that mini fridge in the hotel for the week.

4. Book early and off-peak

Secure the best deals by booking early. Often there are limited rooms, airline tickets etcetera, available at discount rates, so you need to grab them quick. Also plan to visit early or late season, avoid holidays and shoot for weekdays. Mt. Hood is one of the only year-round skiing experiences in the continental United States, so there’s always time to ski!

Another key strategy is to look for package or multi-day deals. Several resorts package lift tickets with lodging or include meals. Others will give you a free day for every three or four that you purchase.

5. Affordable Accommodation

The best way to save money is by finding a cheap motel or cheap hotel in the area. Look no further than Nordic Inn & Suites in Portland. Not too far from all the action, you can plan your trip knowing that you have top-notch accommodation at a very modest price. That way, you have more money in your wallet to hit the slopes!


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