Some of the city’s best restaurants are located in NE Portland. From hand-pulled, northern Chinese noodles and fresh tortillas to Detroit-style, pan pizza and the tastiest fried chicken sandwich you’ve ever had, NE Portland has it all—and at unbeatable prices. Eat your heart out for under $15 at these hidden Rose City gems.


Fried deliciousness

Crispy fried chicken thighs, house pickled cucumbers, and cabbage slaw cradled between two toasted buns is Basilisk’s signature sandwich. For those who prefer to maintain a cordial relationship with their arteries, Basilisk offers the Fried Tofu Sandwich, the younger, more responsible sibling of the Fried Chicken Sandwich. Pair your main with one of their lovely salads if you’re still feeling guilty. And share a bowl of Dan Dan fries covered in Szechuan peanut sauce or their super spicy Nashville-inspired chicken plate if you’re with a crew.

820 NE 27th Avene

Portland, OR


South of the border

Tortilleria y Tienda De Leon’s, a top-rated Mexican restaurant and specialty grocery will have you coming back for more tacos, hot plates, and tamales—again and again. Head inside to find the main attraction: a long deli case filled with a dozen stews bubbling in metal trays. Having a party? Check out their rotating stock of tongue-in-cheek piñatas. Past papier-mâché, candy-filled creations include: Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels, Darth Vader, The Oregon Duck, and Benny the Beaver. Go on, get the bat and have Tortilleria y Tienda De Leon’s cater your next event.

16223 NE Glisan Street

Portland, OR


Pizza Pizza

Offering meaty, veggie, and make your own pies–East Glisan Pizza Lounge is a NE establishment that has it all and more. Every day of the week you can enjoy their traditional, thin-crust pizza. And on Tuesdays and Saturdays, this Montavilla neighborhood pizzeria serves up deep-dish, Detroit style ‘za. Expect a deep red sauce, thick mozzarella, and crispy cupped pepperoni baked on top of a thick, square-shaped crust.

8001 NE Glisan Street

Portland, OR




Calling all vegetarians! ChickPeaDX, a food-cart-cum-micro-restaurant makes the best falafel in the city. Enjoy fried spheres of freshly ground Washington chickpeas blended with a secret spice concoction and adorned with carrot ribbons, eggplant, tomato, and cucumber served over your choice of pita bread, rice or salad. Splurge on the piquant mango sauce known as amba (50 cents).

2707 NE Sandy Boulevard

Portland, OR



Skip the infamous Portlandia brunch lines and head to Beeswing, a favorite NE Cully neighborhood breakfast joint with plenty of seating and affordable prices. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the restaurant’s tangy sourdough waffles loaded with fruit, whipped cream, butter and syrup. Or try their savory buttermilk biscuits and gravy served with house sausage gravy, poached eggs, and creamed kale. And yes, for the truly gluttonous, “Chicken N Waffles” makes an appearance on their menu.

4318 NE Cully Boulevard

Portland, OR


A NE Broadway restaurant that won’t break the bank

You don’t have to travel to northwestern China to enjoy authentic hand-pulled noodles. Frank’s Noodle House on NE Broadway stretches, folds and boils their own doughy strands, which are then stir-fried with shredded cabbage, bell peppers, sliced onions, chopped celery and your choice of protein. Frank’s also offers classic Chinese dishes like Kung Pao Chicken and Szechuan Style String Beans. Kimchi and Korean-style barbecue find their way onto the menu too.

822 N.E. Broadway

Portland, OR


An affordable restaurant near NE Fremont

Get a taste of Vietnam without the flight! Pho Oregon specializes in Vietnam’s unofficial national dish: phở bò, or beef noodle soup to the rest of us. Load your piping hot bowl of phở with mung bean sprouts, leafy Southeast Asian herbs, and chilis. Then, savor the anise-infused bone-broth goodness. (There’s a veggie version too!) In spite of the name, Pho Oregon features nearly 100 Vietnamese classics so there’s a dish for everyone. Don’t miss the spring rolls with the peanut dipping sauce!

2518 NE 82nd Avenue (a few blocks south of NE Fremont)

Portland, OR


If you’re looking for an equally affordable place to stay while you’re in Portland, check out Nordic Inn and Suites—low-cost rooms for singles, couples, and families conveniently located near all of these outstanding NE restaurants.



Visiting Portland with kids is tough. From worrying about whether there’s a kid’s menu to finding fun affordable activities for the whole family, the hurdles can seem endless. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little digging, you’ll find a plethora of things to do and places to eat with kids in the city of roses. There are even places to stay that won’t break the bank. Here are our favorites.

Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Portland

Breakfast: Slappy Cakes – DIY Pancake House

Pick a batter, choose your sweet or savory fixins, and start frying your own pancakes right at your tabletop grill. Kids love the squeezy bottles of batter and the Easy-Bake factor. The all-day breakfast menu stretches beyond flapjacks, and the big kids at the table can enjoy a boozy brunch thanks to the well-stocked bar on site. At Slappy Cakes, breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, but the most fun too!

4246 SE Belmont St. Portland, Oregon 97215

Lunch: Mississippi Pizza – $3 Slice Pizza Goodness

Another favorite amongst Portland families, Mississippi Pizza has outrageous slice pizza deals from 11am to 5pm. Be sure to check out the pizzaria’s event calendar to find out what’s playing at its music venue and the kid’s entertainment lineup.

Dinner: Mother’s Bistro & Bar – Downtown Dining Without Downtown Prices

Slow-cooked meals just like your mom makes, chandelier lighting, and an extensive, reasonably-priced kid’s menu makes Mother’s sophisticated enough for adults, yet still affordable for the whole family. True to its name, Mother’s features a special rotating menu created by contributing moms from around the world. A unique, family-centered dining experience in downtown Portland.

212 SW Stark Street in Portland, Oregon 97204

Drinks: Laurelwood Brewing Co – A Toddler-Friendly Taproom

Both booze and babies get the green light at Laurelwood, a family-friendly neighborhood spot for great food and even better beer. With two patios, two kids’ play areas and a warm atmosphere, you can tell that this establishment was opened by parents with young children.

5115 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR 97213


Affordable and Fun Kid Activities in Portland, Oregon

The Oregon Zoo

Visit the wildest place in Oregon with your own tribe. In one day, explore elephant lands, spy on the predators of the Serengeti and commune with animals of the Pacific shores. The Oregon Zoo is located in Portland’s picturesque southwest hills inside Washington Park, which is also home to the city’s world-famous International Rose Test Garden, the Portland Japanese Garden, and sweeping views of the metropolis.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)

Climb aboard a real submarine, journey through space and explore an entire science playground for kids of all ages. OMSI is ranked as one of the top science centers in the United States and offers rotating, jaw-dropping exhibits. For under $10, your child will have an afternoon chock full of learning and fun.

Portland Children’s Museum

Instead of investing in expensive objects to keep in glass cases, the museum uses every-day materials to create exhibits for children to learn through play. For a day, your youngster can construct buildings, save animals, create masterpieces, and more.

4015 SW Canyon Rd. Portland, OR 97221

Major Kids Events in Portland


Make this year’s holiday season one to remember. Every year the houses of Peacock Lane in SE Portland deck their Tudor-style houses with holiday lights and cheer. Pick up a cup of complimentary (donations appreciated) hot cocoa or cider and meander down the lane in the evening with your loved ones from December 15 to 31. Best of all, it’s 100% free.


Are you looking for the best STEM summer camp for your child? Can’t find the right sports equipment for your mini-me? In search of special-needs services for children? KidFest Northwest is THE place to access the latest information, products and services for your child. While you cruise through hundreds of informational stands, your kid will find plenty of things to do. Rock climbing, go-carting and a petting zoo are all on the docket.


Join Portland’s Rose Festival Junior Parade and march with thousands of other school children through NE Portland. Expect elementary and middle school marching bands to lead the way followed by kids in costumes parading with floats, pets and parents. Don’t miss the city’s biggest summer event just for children.


Spend a day at The Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island, the largest island along the Columbia River, 10 miles northwest of downtown Portland. Every autumn, The Pumpkin Patch clears a larger-than-life corn maze for all ages. Free hayrides will take you out to U-pick pumpkin fields. And the farm’s big red animal barn is sure to delight your little creatures with its many kinds of furry and feathery friends!

Where to Stay in Portland with Kids

Make your next trip to Portland an affordable and enjoyable one. Nordic Inn & Suites is the place to stay if you’re looking to travel on a budget but still want quality. Newly updated rooms and business-class amenities ensure that you and your family will enjoy Portland to its fullest. The motel is conveniently located in NE Portland, close to lots of family-friendly activities.

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Inexpensive hotels are some of the best-kept secrets. Many people overlook these when planning a vacation because of these common stereotypes.

The un-maintained stereotype. The biggest and most common stereotype is that the room is not cleaned or maintained. When you think of motels, you may picture unkempt rooms that receive little attention. Today, inexpensive hotels meet high hygiene standards higher than some larger chains, which means it’s time to think of these hotels when your traveling.

These hotels aren’t in the best locations. People assume they want to be as close to attractions as possible on their stay. In fact, those hotels that are in slightly less popular areas may make driving to attractions easier. A lot of times you’ll benefit from less traffic and great parking at an inexpensive hotel. This means you can bring your own car along and explore the nearby area with less headache.

They don’t have other amenities. Things like breakfast, kitchenette, and swimming pools. Actually, what people don’t always think about is inexpensive hotels have these amenities and more. Each room in Nordic Inn and Suites has been recently updated to include ultra-fine bed linens, memory foam pillows, and plush, designer bedding. These updates place our affordable rooms on-par with much more expensive hotels, all within our allergy-friendly, pet-free premises.

It’s better to book online than by phone. Many people assume you get a cheaper rate booking online and for some larger chains you might. With an inexpensive hotel, you can call the hotel directly and ask it to beat the offer. The hotel has more flexibility over the phone because the transaction isn’t public. And remember that the room rate is just part of the package. Hotels often have more flexibility with inclusions like parking, internet, breakfast and upgrades.

The stereotype that certain nights of the week are more expensive than others. Inexpensive hotels mostly set rates on inventory-based algorithms and it doesn’t matter if it’s Wednesday or Friday. If the beds are filling up, the rates are going up. And there are thousands of conventions and events spanning any week, almost all of which you are totally unaware of. Just because it’s Wednesday doesn’t mean a large convention isn’t in town.

The world of hotels and travel is full of misconceptions. While your average inexpensive hotel may not provide the luxury you’re seeking from a large hotel chain, it can still provide you with the amenities you need for an enjoyable stay. All of this comes at a cost-friendly price, allowing you to save your budget on other areas of your trip.

What to Consider in a Budget Hotel Posted August 30, 2018 | Tags:


A Safe Neighborhood

At least five essentials should be found in any budget hotel booking. The first, and most important, is safety.

No hotel booking is a bargain if it requires sacrificing safety. A budget hotel in an iffy neighborhood is out. At the very least, you are looking for a setting where there is proper lighting and a security presence. But neither of those variables might matter if the surrounding blocks are unsafe.

It’s also good to have surveillance cameras in common areas, 24-hour security and a front desk that is staffed at all times.  Properties that have invested in such amenities deserve more consideration, even if their room rates are a bit higher.

Portland Nordic Inn & Suites is located in a safe and well trafficked area of Portland, and we offer all of these safety measures to our patrons.

Clean Rooms

It’s only natural to expect fewer creature comforts in a budget room. You’re paying for a place to sleep and clean up, not for luxury hot tubs, balconies with sweeping views, or chic furniture.

These concessions aside, no one should ever sacrifice cleanliness for a better price. A room might be inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean it should be dirty, smelly, or moldy.

Health concerns that proceed from filthy conditions again raise the safety question. Are you willing to risk illness to save a few dollars on a room?

The good news is that filth does not necessarily correlate with low prices. Many budget operations are small, family-owned properties, where cleanliness is a high priority. In fact, one study concluded luxury hotels actually are more germ-ridden than budget rooms.

Easy Access to Cheap Ground Transportation

Budget hotels should have convenient access to public transportation.

What constitutes a budget-priced room?

If your answer is the room rate, you’re only partially correct.

A cheaply priced room that is 20 miles from the geographic focus of your trip is more expensive than than a slightly higher-priced stay in a convenient location. The cheap room will require expenditures of both time and money for transportation that eat into the room-rate savings.

It’s a relative bargain to spend an additional $15/night for a room that is a short walk from a public transportation stop or train station. The same might apply to hotels that offer free parking. In some cities, parking easily accounts for $100 or more in the course of a three-day stay. But sometimes, that parking charge is simply added to the room rate. Therefore it pays to compare costs after the parking charges are added.

Portland Nordic Inn & Suites is located near downtown with access to Portland’s world famous public transportation system.

Freebies Such as Breakfast and Internet Access

Cost overruns for dining frequently damage a well-intended travel budget, sometimes beyond repair. Dining out is expensive and costs are difficult to estimate with accuracy.

If your travel party can partake in a breakfast that is already paid for in the daily room rate, it’s possible to economize on lunch and save meal money for a nicer dinner. Some budget travelers prefer splurging on a large, late lunch before eating a light dinner.

Either way, the free breakfast is a budget booster that should receive primary consideration in the booking decisions for a budget trip.

Another cost that mounts quickly connects you with Internet access. Oddly, many first-class hotels charge $20/day or more for such connections, while many budget hotels offer wireless access at no charge. Although the free access is sometimes weak and unreliable, it will save money.

In Conclusion

While it may not seem glamorous to stay in a budget hotel, the experience can actually serve better than some of the Big Brand hotels. Nordic Inn and Suites offers amenities at an affordable rate so you can get the best out of your stay.


Finding time to take vacation can be tough, but finding affordable portland accomodation doesn’t have to be. Let Portland Nordic Inn & Suites help you plan the perfect break for your health and relaxation.

Taking time off from work or the daily grind not only helps people de-stress and feel happier, but it also helps productivity and mood—as long as you do it right.

But the barrier to entry is high, since many Americans don’t even take their allotted vacation time. Fewer Americans are going on vacation now than in the past: Data suggests that Americans used to take nearly three weeks of vacation a year in 2000, but took just slightly more than two weeks in 2015. Even when people are on vacation, more than 60% say they keep working remotely.

The type of vacation matters, of course. If planned poorly, a vacation can actually lead to more stress. According to a 2010 report, a vacation where there’s lots of travel stress, like figuring out transportation logistics or feeling unsafe, can make vacationers feel less happy and more frazzled than they were before the trip. Taking the time to plan the trip can help ensure things run smoothly. In that same survey, 28% of people who said they had a bad vacation also said they left planning to the last minute.

The first and most important step is accommodation. Portland Nordic Inn & Suites is the top rated portland accommodation that won’t break your budget. With affordable rooms, free breakfast, HBO, and clean comfortable beds, Portland Nordic Inn & Suites is just what you need to have the relaxing vacation of your dreams.

With the right Portland accommodation, anyone can have the perfect vacation.



Vita Cafe

The first restaurant on our list is Cafe Vita located in the Alberta Arts District. Since 1999, Vita Café has been serving the Portland Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-Free fare. They use local and organic products as much as possible and strive to reduce their overall impact on the environment by focusing on using sustainable business practices.

Homegrown Smoker

The new Homegrown Smoker will feature many of the Southern barbecue and American comfort food dishes they currently serve, along with new items. In a nod to two of Proper Eats’ most-popular menu items, Ridabock said they would also serve a tempeh Reuben and a shepherd’s pie, though with a few new twists.

Pho Delat

Pho Dalat has big bowls, large portions, good broth, and good prices. The service is fast and the servers are responsive with extra points for affordability. This locally owned spot is the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat if you’re looking for some good vietnamese comfort food.

Bye and Bye

Personally this might be my favorite restaurant in Portland. The food is cheap, the portions are large and it’s shockingly completely Vegan. This place is crowded with locals and regulars so you get a good sense of the people in the city. They also project Blazers games on the wall whenever they are playing! My recommendation would be either the BBQ Platter or the Eastern Bowl.

PoShines Cafe De La Soul

Is a minority owned contemporary soul food Restaurant with a Cajun flair, we provide quality dining, concessions sales, and catering services. Po’ Shines provides high quality food to individuals and businesses in Portland, Oregon and abroad, while providing career development opportunities through its non-profit work force training program, Teach Me To Fish. (“TMTF”).



Summer is here and there’s no better place to be than in the pacific northwest. With so much to see and do around the area, getting the best value hotel in Portland Oregon is the perfect place to start. Portland Nordic Inn & Suites is the kew to getting the most out of your Oregon vacation.

Quiet clean and comfortable rooms await at Portland Nordic Inn & Suites. Offering free high speed wireless internet, free gourmet coffee, cable with 10 HBO Channels, Portland Nordic Inn & Suites is the best value hotel to relax in between a fun filled Portland vacation. We are family friendly, and convenient.

The Pacific Northwest is known for its alluring summertime climate. The moderate temperatures and long days are borderline necessary in order to take in all the natural beauty of the area. Go check out the waterfront  and Portland’s Saturday Market  if you’d like. Or take a trip up to the Japanese Garden  and breath in that fresh Oregon air. And don’t forget to check out  Forest Park’s miles of trails.

Portland is also known as one of the best cities in the country for restaurants and beer. Check out some of our Food Trucks while you walk around downtown. Let someone else do the driving on a Guided Beer Tour. Why not grab a book from Powells or a comic from Portland’s Indie Comic Scene and take a trip to the park for the afternoon.

Portland has everything you need in a summer vacation, and Portland Nordic Inn & Suites gives you the great value hotel you need to not break the bank. Portland Nordic Inn & suites, the best value hotel in Portland Oregon!


What’s better than a Portland vacation? A Portland Vacation that fits a budget. The best way to make sure your trip goes off without a hitch is to find the best value hotel you can find, and Portland Nordic Inn & Suites fits all the smart travel marks.

With our family-friendly policy we are the perfect stay for the whole family. Quiet, clean and comfortable rooms are the standard at Portland Nordic Inn & Suites. We offer free high-speed wireless internet, free gourmet coffee, and cable with 10 HBO channels, 8 Showtime channels and ESPN.

We’re only 4 miles away from the Portland International Airport (PDX) which can save you time and money getting to and from the hotel. We’re just a short drive away from both the stunning nature of the Columbia River and all that downtown Portland has to offer. When you book the best value hotel in Portland Oregon, you will have more money to spend checking out the Zoo, the Japanese Gardens, The Rose Quarter and Rose Garden where the Portland Trailblazers play, and the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI).

We’ve built our business on the idea that people want comfort and care but at an affordable rate. Portland Nordic Inn & Suites has everything you could want out of an affordable hotel and saves you money to spend on seeing the sites and activities all around Portland. Portland Nordic Inn & suites, the best value hotel in Portland Oregon!


Spring is in the air out here in Portland and the city is bustling with things to do!

Obviously, the most important part of any vacation is finding the right accommodation. Nordic Inn & Suites Portland offers affordable rates and a superior location so that you can enjoy more of what Portland has to offer. When looking to book a hotel in Portland, look no further than Nordic Inn & Suites!



If it rains, don’t snore! Portland is known for sometimes drowsy weather, but it should also be known as a hub for family friendly museums. The Oregon Museum of Science & industry (OMSI) and the children’s museum are both a quick trip from Nordic Inn & Suites. Ample children’s theaters, indoor play areas and indoor activities ensure that you’ll never run out of warm, dry fun.



From the end of March through April, the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn (just south of Portland) has a variety of beautiful flowers that take advantage of Portland’s plant-friendly environment. The farm’s annual tulip fest features 40 acres (16 hectares) of gorgeous blooms, plus plenty of children’s activities.



Speaking of flowers, spring is a beautiful time to visit Portland Japanese Garden, one of the most authentic such gardens outside of Japan. The popular attraction recently expanded, adding classrooms, a library, a tea café and several additional gardens. The new spaces will be available to visitors starting April 1, 2017. Spring is also a beautiful time to visit Lan Su Chinese Garden, a tranquil, walled Suzhou-style garden in the heart of Old Town. And don’t miss the lush Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, where the flowers reach peak bloom in late April.



The Pacific Northwest is home to a large number of some of the best breweries in the world. Our unique water properties allow Portland Brewers the freedom to craft exciting and exotic beers found nowhere else! Check out Beervana for a low-hassle beer tour that will show off all that Portland has to offer.



Take some time to experience the best soccer fans in the country. Portland is a small city with a big appetite for soccer. You’re sure to make fast friends while cheering on the celebrated Portland Thorns and Timbers, the city’s championship-winning major league soccer clubs. At Providence Park, join the famous (and friendly) Timbers Army section to learn all the chants from the dedicated fans.



When choosing a hotel, you’ll be faced with a varied array of options. Filtering through these choices to find the hotel that suits you or your travel companions’ requirements can be a challenging task. Doing your research before you book can make all the difference to how much you enjoy your stay. Here are 5 things to look for when looking for the right Portland, Oregon accommodation.


When visiting Portland, you want to be able to see as much of what the city has to offer as possible. Nordic Inn & Suites is close to both the shopping and bustle of downtown as well as the stunning beauty of the Columbia River Gorge. It is the perfect location to see Portland the right way.


Hotel amenities are the second most important factor. Nordic Inn & Suites provides comfortable accomodation, breakfast, WiFi and affordable access to the city. When you book Nordic Inn & Suites you can be assured that you will have top rated accomodation at an affordable price.


Consider our price – we’re very affordable compared to other hotels offering similar amenities. Cheap just means economical and inexpensive, so if you call us a “cheap hotel in Portland, Oregon” we consider that a compliment! And you and your family will feel totally secure in our well-lit parking lot and grounds.


Accessibility to transport can also be an important factor. If you are taking your own car or hiring one, is there somewhere to park it either on-site or nearby? Is there public transport nearby, or a reliable taxi service? Unless your intention is to not leave the luxuries of your hotel, there is little worse than spending hours hunting around for parking spaces or waiting endlessly for taxis to arrive. Luckily, Nordic Inn & Suites offers all this at an affordable rate!